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Evin Restaurant

The house is a place where exotic ancient recipes made using local ingredients turn into unforgettable flavors and leave you wanting to come back for more. Hosts and chefs pay close attention to what is happening both in the kitchen and on the restaurant floor. As Evin, we ensure that customers have the best Turkish dining experience where they feel at home. Evin Restaurant’s menu has been carefully selected. There are many traditional Turkish meze (Turkish tapas) on the menu. A quick look at the main courses will make your mouth watery. It doesn’t matter if you are a meat lover or a vegetarian. The dessert menu includes a wide variety of Turkish classics such as Kunefe and Rice Pudding. Evin Restaurant has a warm and friendly atmosphere. While you are sipping your drink, delicious meals dictated by the deep-rooted history of recipes are prepared with care and love.

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