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Brasserie La Pucelle

The Markiezenhof – La Pucelle The Markiezenhof was created at the end of the Middle Ages, after a number of renovations and extensions of the medieval court of the lords of Bergen op Zoom. Jan van Glymes II and III, father and son and both lord of Bergen op Zoom, commissioned this. The Glymes family had become highly regarded at the end of the fifteenth century and this status was reflected in the palatial character of the Markiezenhof. Over the centuries, the function of the complex has changed several times. From 1485 to 1727, the Markiezenhof served as a noble residential palace for the lords and later marquises of Bergen op Zoom. They lived for short or longer periods in their own city palace in the city. Also from 1485 the Markiezenhof was the administrative center of the Markiezaat, even until 1795. The building served as a military hospital in the period 1795-1819 and then until 1957 as a barracks. After it was decided in 1968 to open the building to the public by establishing a museum in it, the Markiezenhof underwent a major renovation. The building had suffered from the many years that it housed a barracks. The renovation brought the city palace back to the grandeur of yesteryear…. Brasserie La Pucelle is located in the middle of this 15th century living and working palace. In addition to a delicious dinner, you are also very welcome here for just a Burgundian plate with a nice glass, or a nice cup of coffee. The cellar bar of our Brasserie in Bergen op Zoom is accessible by reservation for small and larger groups. Great for an aperitif and digestif at a dinner or for birthdays, receptions, weddings and other receptions. This centuries-old arched cellar exudes the atmosphere of yesteryear when it was still the storage cellar for the old bakery in the Markiezenhof. On the 1st floor, with a view over the French Garden, there is the possibility to dine privately or to hold a business meeting.

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