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20 fun chocolate onions

Feel like Bossche LOL at Aunt Annie’s in Den Bosch? Choco Loca offers many different (Online) Chocolate Outings / Arrangements. Celebrate life with your team, company, family or friends. All Workshop Choco Parties without a walk can be done every day from 1 person at 11:00 am. Every day except Sunday. Then there is the walk-in workshop with walk at 12:00 PM. Do you want to travel independently without guidance? This is possible with our walks. Private Group Outings with a walk can be booked from 6 people. Prefer a Digital Outing? For this we have the Online Workshops. More extensive day out with Aunt Annie? Then take a look at packages! Prefer without a walk? Instead, you can choose an extra. In our workshop spaces everything is 1.5 meters away. Or book online! You can decide on this one day in advance.

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